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  • Athletic — the lower you are the quicker you are.
  • Athletic — slow jump, low jump.
  • Athletic — balance and control.
  • Rebounding — the ball comes down to the highest point of your body. Keep your hands up when rebounding.
  • Passing — you catch the ball with your eyes and you grab the ball with your hands.
  • Rebounding — use a face blockout when your opponent is taller than you.
  • Dribbling — the ball is round and the court is flat, you need to help the ball bounce by giving it power with your arms, hands and fingertips.
  • Shooting — keep your eyes on the target when shooting.
  • Shooting — use your legs to get power for your shot.
  • Shooting — keep your chin parallel to the ground when shooting lift up your eyes to see the target.
  • Shooting — keep the ball up on your fingertips.
  • Shooting — maintain fingertip control.
  • Shooting — keep your wrist and elbow underneath the ball.
  • Shooting — follow the ball into the basket with your fingertips on your jump shot.
  • Athletic — when playing basketball maintain a position in which your knees are bent.
  • Defense — make sure you talk to your teammates.
  • Passing — use your eyes to catch the ball and your hands to grab the ball.
  • Passing — use your legs to get power when passing.
  • Passing — follow through with your fingertips pointing at your target.
  • Passing — when throwing an overhead pass make sure not to put the ball behind your head as it is exposed to the defense. Use those legs for power.
  • Passing — when throwing the bounce pass it should travel about two thirds of the way to the target and, come up at the players stomach area.
  • Passing — when throwing the behind the back pass put your hand on the side of the ball and point your fingers at the target as you follow through.
  • Passing — when throwing the baseball pass snap your wrist down to the ground under follow through so the ball does not spin or curve making it into easier paths to grab.
  • Passing — pass away from the defense not to the offense
  • Passing — when receiving a pass as the ball is in the air feet in the air so that you can catch it on balance it under control.
  • Passing — use your pass fake to get the defense off balance.
  • Passing — use your peripheral vision and passing so as not to telegraph your pass to the defense.
  • Passing — when throwing the two-handed chest, bounce and overhead pass it is good to have both hands on either side of the ball.
  • Passing — fastest moving object on the court is the ball in flight.
  • Passing — when feeding the post aim for the players target hand that is away from the defense
  • Passing — when breaking down the double team attack one defender first, then splitting the middle.
  • Passing — when feeding the post make sure you have the proper angle.
  • Receiving — make sure to have both hands ready to grab the ball.
  • Receiving — make sure you are a threat when you receive the ball.
  • Receiving — when you receive the ball you are the most important person on the court be a threat to do something positive with the ball.
  • Footwork — have you ever heard of anybody with a quick second step? It's about having a quick first step.
  • Footwork — when coming to a jump stop and with your heels then toes.
  • Footwork — when playing defense stay on the balls of your feet
  • Footwork — while in a triple threat position with the basketball your jab step should be short and quick at the defenders top foot.

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